Four Tips to Start as Newbies in T Shirt Printing Business

With the popularity of t-shirt, many people want to create their own custom shirt. This condition open wide opportunity within the industry. This article will explain some tips for those who are interested in joining the industry.

The following list will describe some suggestion for beginners in t shirt printing industry.

  • Considering your target of market: choosing your market target is considered the most crucial step. You need to choose which market will be your target? Is it female or male apparels? Is it for young or older generation? You are designing tees for people to buy, so, make sure to choose a specific target of consumer and write down everything related to this group of people, such as what may and may not be attractive for them and the current popular models and brands for these people.
  • Finding the best printer for your need: the quality of your self-designed t-shirt heavily depends on the quality of your printer. A stunning design won’t be delivered well if the printer you use is suck. It is very important to take your time and learn about the type of t-shirt you wish to print on. The cost, labeling options, size, weight, etc., all of these aspects affect the results of your product. Try making a deal with some companies you deem to be a good one.
  • Using images or ideas from various pop culture: you can start designing t-shirt using images or ideas from pop culture, such as cartoon characters or heroes from movies and comic books, game, or action. However, do not simply paste the images of the franchise into your custom t-shirt. Instead, design or draw them with your own style. By doing this, you can create a more original design that represent your art character without having to generate an entirely new design on your own.
  • Toning down your humor: it is very tempting to create humorous design. However, you need to make as subtle as possible or your design will look cheap. Some of the most successful savage designs are actually pretty subtle in their humor. If it is done correctly, these subtle humors will surely make your custom tee very cool among a lot of people.

Other than the tips mentioned above, it is also crucial to do market research. You can simply ask your acquaintances about the current t-shirt design or even do a survey to ensure your success within the industry.

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