Shailesh Dash Helps Investors Succeed in the Middle East and North Africa

Countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa are growing rapidly, and savvy investors are finding plenty of opportunities to dive into. By bringing a deep understanding of the region to bear on the challenges that investors face, experts like Shailesh Dash are enabling more impressive returns than would otherwise be possible.

Since founding Al Masah Capital Limited in 2010, Dash has helped many investors from all over the world make the most of a wide range of opportunities in this vital, fast-growing region. A look at some of the industries where investment possibilities are most commonly found could be enlightening.

Strong, Steady Growth with Much More to Come

By focusing on alternative investments that are found away from traditional equities and debt markets, Al Masah Capital has helped investors make use of opportunities they would otherwise not likely have noticed. Some of the industries where these are most commonly found in the Middle East and North Africa today include:

  • Healthcare. Whereas healthcare systems elsewhere in the world are often struggling with an excess of supply alongside rapidly rising costs, the industry in this region remains in a significantly earlier stage of development. As a result, strategic investments have the potential to pay off at scales that would not be realistic in many other parts of the world.
  • Education. There is a true hunger for advanced education to be found all throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Instead of heading abroad to obtain degrees, tomorrow’s engineers, scientists, doctors, and other professionals are more commonly now trying to complete their educations nearer to home. As a result, there are many related opportunities for investors.
  • Food and beverage. Another bright spot on the regional economy in recent times has been the food services industry. With plenty of growth still to come, investors are liking the opportunities they see.

An Informed Take on What Makes the Region Tick

What typically matters the most with regard to succeeding with any of these opportunities or others is being able to rely on the advice of a partner who truly understands the region. For investors who are equipped with such resources, the Middle East and North Africa is a place of almost unparalleled potential.

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