Tips to Choose and Customize Jersey

These days, sport jerseys become one of the most popular fashion item. A lot of people, not only supporters of certain sport teams, start to wear jersey for their daily activity. However, not all people know how to wear a sport jersey without looking loutish, immature, or even lazy. In this article, we will give some of the tips to rock a sport jersey for your daily look.

There are some factors that you need to understand before wearing sport jerseys for fashion item. First, your age. Older people may look ridiculous when they wear jersey because it looks like they put too much effort to look young. Here is the tips to get a good look from wearing jersey.

  • Storing the jersey properly: a jersey is better to be hang rather than to be folded to avoid any creases, especially at the name or numbers at the back side. Wrong way of storing may also affect the jersey design.
  • Going authentic: the price of a jersey is not cheap, thus if you want to spent a lot of money for it, dropping small extra and customize jersey instead of just purchasing the replica. You may ask some suggestion from jersey designe if you know one. A stitched jersey is more durable even after multiple sessions of laundry without harming other clothes.
  • Choosing one size larger: this aspect is important to consider. When you purchase your jersey, you have to buy one size larger than your dress shirt size. Jerseys are not supposed to be tight, especially if your body is not well defined. With bigger size, you can also wear sweatshirt beneath to warm your body during winter.
  • Going for big man jersey: if you have a bigger of broader body, you may want to steal the look of strong lineman. Both defensive and offensive lineman at NFL has the scariest and intimidating figures. If you want to have a strong look, regardless of your gender, choosing lineman jerseys can be a great option.

Those are some tips to have a good look with sport jersey. If you are not sport lovers but still want to have a great jersey, you can go to a jersey maker to create your own design for your jersey. That will surely make you unique and attract attention when you wear the jersey. Remember, jersey is not only for boys but also for girls.

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